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  • Party at The Star attracts Chinese billionaires
    Daily Telegraph 27 Feb 2018
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  • How Black Diamondz' Monika Tu helps Chinese companies thrive in Australia
    Financial Review 02 Nov 2017
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  • Chinese property buyers face tighter rules as real estate agents go for broke in 'Golden Week'
    ABC News 30 Sep 2017
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  • The $100 million woman: Property concierge Monika Tu and the Chinese appetite for Australian real estate
    ABC News 27 Nov 2014
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  • Float Like a Butterfly - Monika Tu is expanding her luxury real estate and services company to help Chinese...
    BOSS | AFR 23 Nov 2017
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  • Handcrafted Rozelle house valued at over $10m up for sale
    Inner West Courier Inner City 15 Nov 2017
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  • How Australia's best houses are being sold on Chinese social media site WeChat
    Opinion | AFR 13 Mar 2017
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  • Evoking that special feeling: how to sell a luxury home
    The Australian | 01 Jul 2017
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  • ‘Limited English, unlimited bank accounts’: The Chinese investors snapping up Australian properties
    Yahoo! 7
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