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People envision their dream home to blossom amongst the opulent nature and the growth opportunities of a concrete jungle. Despite this dream, the market for luxurious real estate can be a distant dream. Some countries offer culture, some opportunities, and some offer the beauties of nature. However, Australia is a place which has it all. This is why Chinese investors always have a keen interest in procuring Australian property.

What you need to know when looking to sell to an international buyer:

As much as the Chinese population gets drawn towards investing in the regal Australian land and its state-of-the-art living options, the entire process of persuasion can be taxing and long. So, here are the three important tips to sell your property to a Chinese buyer.

Buying Cycle:

Procuring a property across the border takes a much longer time than any regular domestic purchase. This case becomes more strenuous with Chinese buyers because of several reasons. These reasons can be a language barrier, the transference of money in and out of China, restriction of information in China, etc. Even though Australia is one of the most sought after places for investments, yet these barriers can make the process tiring for investors. Thus, to make the purchase seem more effortlessly, it is best to have a long term strategic plan which contains contingencies to deal with these problems.


Language Barrier:

Communication is vital in every sale. We can help bridge the communication barrier between you, the seller and the potential international buyer.


Be Diligent in Dealing:

Chinese investors are much more aware and smart about their investment. They seek several expert opinions before they sign off the deal, especially with luxurious property investments. So it is essentials that no loop-holes or leaks are detected because then the deal will be off the table.


Mode of Advertisement:

Chinese investors use entirely different platforms for communication compared to what we normally use here in Australia. Platforms such as WeChat facilitate both social and business communication in China and email is secondary.

For that reason, that channels you promote and communicate to investors on is entirely different and our team at Black Diamondz can help with this.


Why is Australia so attractive to Chinese Buyers?


1. Environment:

It’s no secret that the environment in Chinese cities isn’t on par with Australia. Although the government has implemented various policies to fix this problem, major cities in China will face constant air pollution daily.

On the other hand, Australia is blessed with its lush wildlife and stellar environment condition. It is a place where a family can grow up or at least enjoy occasional vacations and bask in the Australian glory.


2. Not that expensive in comparison:

China has its concentration of urban population in a smaller chunk within the country. What this does is put undue stress on the megacities which offer real estate ventures. On top of that, China’s real estate in Beijing and Shanghai is amongst the most expensive countries in the world. Thus Chinese investors try to look for options beyond their border.

Australia is one of many solutions to China’s real estate scenario. Australia has a plethora of real estate investment. Despite being an optimal place of investment, its rates are lower than that of China’s. Thus the premium quality of Australian estate can be availed at a reasonable cost.  


3. Education:

China’s education system is one of the toughest in the world. Each year, millions of students take the exam for limited spots in China’s universities and it’s known to be one of the most stressful education systems to put a child through. 

Australia, in contrast, has a different education system, where students are given the choice to learn a variety of languages, musical instruments and participate in sports every week.



Australia is a serene, beautiful, and comforting place to live in, which is why international investors are willing to pay a premium to live here. Hence, even though the process will be long, both the parties with benefit greatly from this copious investment. Let the team at Black Diamondz help connect your home to the right buyer so it can reach the price it deserves.


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