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  • The Ultimate Luxury: 5 Waterfront Properties in Sydney That Will Make Your Jaw Drop
    Waterfront homes have forever been coveted estates, and their charm has only increased with time. But the exquisite properties are equally elusive. We need to understand what exactly makes waterfront such a desirable property and where we can find the best one in Sydney.
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  • Women in Real Estate Breakfast Series

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  • Rich Chinese chase Australian bargains as house prices soften
    Wentworth Courier 21 Jan 2019
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  • The real Crazy Rich Asians of Sydney
    Daily Telegraph 01 Sep 2018
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  • Time to buy?
    Black Diamondz Expert Insight Column 3
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  • Purchasing in Sydney Eastern Suburbs
    Black Diamondz Expert Insight Column 2
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  • Chinese FIRB Buyers
    Black Diamondz Expert Insight Column 1
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  • Monika Tu: Property Entrepreneur
    Elite Agent 16 Jul 2018
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  • Exploring Wechat - Our Secret to Chinese Marketing
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  • Faces of Australia - Monika Tu
    Transferwise 25 Jun 2018
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  • Party at The Star attracts Chinese billionaires
    Daily Telegraph 27 Feb 2018
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  • Float Like a Butterfly - Monika Tu is expanding her luxury real estate and services company to help Chinese...
    BOSS | AFR 23 Nov 2017
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  • How Black Diamondz' Monika Tu helps Chinese companies thrive in Australia
    Financial Review 02 Nov 2017
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  • Chinese property buyers face tighter rules as real estate agents go for broke in 'Golden Week'
    ABC News 30 Sep 2017
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  • Evoking that special feeling: how to sell a luxury home
    The Australian | 01 Jul 2017
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  • ‘Limited English, unlimited bank accounts’: The Chinese investors snapping up Australian properties
    Sunday Night 22 May 2017
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  • How Australia's best houses are being sold on Chinese social media site WeChat
    Opinion | AFR 13 Mar 2017
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  • The $100 million woman: Property concierge Monika Tu and the Chinese appetite for Australian real estate
    ABC News 27 Nov 2014
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