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Luxury Property Management

With extensive professional experience in real estate, our property managers have developed a strong understanding of the needs and expectations of each of our clients. With experience in both property and sales, our only focus is to ensure all tenants and landlords are being taken care of.

Our passion for great results is non-negotiable and the skills we have developed guarantee you the best possible result on your investment.

Our property managers’ warm and friendly demeanour does not take away from the expert advice and timely recommendations they are able to give our clients, enabling them to maximise their investment income whilst minimising the stress and usual headaches that can come along with owning an investment property. We implement and maintain procedures and processes to ensure that Black Diamondz Property Concierge clients receive quality service at all times.

By using a style of open communication and establishing a level of trust with both tenants and landlords, we understand that successful property management comes down to strong organisation skills, putting ourselves in the client’s shoes and treating your property like it was our own.

Black Diamondz Property Concierge's extensive experience in Property Management ensures all aspects of your investment are taken into consideration.

Below is a brief look at the process we undertake to manage your property. Before Leasing

  • Management Agreement must be signed between Landlord and Agent
  • Agent will inform Sydney Water, Council Strata,etc of change of billing address, so that we can arrange payment for you from the rent collected
  • Agent will conduct an inspection of the premises and provide a Condition Report to the landlord
  • Landlord to a hand agent full set of keys 
  • Agent of landlord to arrange any work needed on the property before viewing

Marketing Your Property

  • Install 'For Lease' sign on property
  • Take professional photo of property
  • Advertise property advertised immediately on the internet
  • Take prospective tenants through property
  • Give to landlord with reference to inspections

Tenant Selection

  • Tenant applications require 100-point ID
  • Reference checking-contacting current or past landlord/agents, contacting personal references, and collecting written work references
  • Check tenant details with Tenant Reference Australia (TICA)
  • Discuss application with landlord and proceed if successful

Successful Application

  • Collect one weeks rent deposit
  • Provide each tenant with a set of keys
  • Tenant signs lease and pays the required bond, fortnightly/monthly rent in advance, and lease preparation fee
  • Provide keys and Condition Report to tenant one day prior to lease commencement date
  • Tenant returns completed Condition Report within seven days of moving in

Disbursement of Funds

  • First Statement -advertising, letting fee and lease preparation fees deducted 
  • Fees disbursed on first working day of each month and/or mid-month
  • Direct banking facilities for prompt payment


  • First inspection is after three months of tenant moving in; next inspection is after 6/12 months or as advertised by landlord
  • By law, landlords are allowed to make a maximum of 4 inspections per annum
  • Management of your property being arrears, Rent reviews with current market values, Tenant and Landlord inquiries, attending to any maintenance/ repairs by our reliable tradespeople at reasonable costs or by your preferred tradesperson

Rental Payments

Whilst considerable care is taken in selecting a tenant, occasionally tenants fall into arrears of rent payment. When this occurs the following procedures are undertaken:

  • 3-14 days overdue - Telephone call or notification is forwarded to the Tenant advising that if their arrears are not paid we will be issuing a Termination Notice.
  • On the 15th day overdue - A Termination Notice is issued.

Black Diamondz Property has an excellent record for arrears management which is largely contributed to management systems and relationships with our tenants.

Termination Notice 

A Termination Notice can be issued for several reasons. The amount of days required is different depending on the reason it is given for. It is important that the correct notice is issued in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act. Failure to fully understand the Act in regards to the Termination Notices may results in the notice being null and void.

Residential Tenancies Tribunal

The function of the Tribunal is to arbitrate any disputes between Tenants and Landlords/ Agents. To get the best results, it is important to have in-depth knowledge of how the Tribunal works and also of the Residential Tenancy Act.

Black Diamondz Property Concierge can manage these requirements at a fee on your behalf.

Our property management fee is 5-7%. All fees are tax deductible.

"We treat your property as if it were our own"

For further information on maximising your rental return and minimising the stress of your investment property, please contact or phone +61 2 8280 8280.


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