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    A dining table is so much more than a piece of furniture: it’s a place for gathering, for sharing, for expressing care in deeply tangible ways, through conversation and through food. The design of a table, then, must facilitate all of these things—and that’s where King comes in.

    The premium furniture brand—founded in 1977 by David and Gwen King—puts the focus on fine craftsmanship, innovation and practical elegance. The King journey began when its founders designed a set of modular foam sofas, which quickly amassed a following after they started selling them at Sydney’s Paddy’s Markets. Now, decades on, and with a wealth of design knowledge behind the brand, King’s latest dining collection takes those founding principles and translates them to a bold, new series focussed on the act of coming together.

    With its minimal hues and sleek lines, the King Dining Collection is centred around facilitating experiences and sinking into special moments, with tables, chairs and sideboards created to maximise harmony. Take the Issho Dining Table, with its curved pillars and softly rounded edges, which injects a calm sensibility into a home.

    Its minimal elegance makes it the perfect anchor for a family dining space, leaving room for the meals and the conversations around the table to shine. This, too, is true of the Amara Dining Chair, where centuries of woodworking traditions are realised in its gently curved back, but brought into a contemporary moment with the addition of modern comfort engineering.

    Cleaning is also simple and stress-free: King tailored covers are easily removable for professional cleaning, or replaceable for a brand new look. Particularly during the festive season, when many people and variables are involved, entertaining can feel like an effort—but there’s no reason to let your furniture add to the burden.

    If your style skews more modern, angular, structural shapes also shine in the King Collection:  the Quay ceramic table is simple, sleek, yet grounded in tradition. It’s complemented by the Luna chair, with its wire frame and clean design and curved structure.

    Comfort is a preoccupation of the King Collection, and rightly so: letting go and sinking into a conversation over the dining table necessitates it. When sharing meals over the table, you shouldn’t be thinking about how much your lower back could do with some bracing—only enjoying the moment.  As homewares become more trend-focussed than ever, there’s something refreshing about pieces designed with longevity in mind, with a focus on the future. 

    The King Collection, with its simple lines and timeless appeal, fits neatly into that category. For pieces both inspired by, and designed to facilitate, special moments—which will continue to do so well into the future—look to King.

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