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    Luxury audio brand Bang & Olufsen has started offering an automatic software update to its new generation of home speakers. From Bang & Olufsen’s iconic loudspeakers, music systems and turntables of the 1980's to its modern wireless speakers, the new update to Beolink makes a generation of products across decadeswork seamlessly together, showcasing Bang & Olufsen’s commitment to longevity by providing timeless connectivity between the past, present and future.


    The new update provides a simple way to wirelessly connect new Bang & Olufsen home speakers with classic Bang & Olufsen multiroom installations and iconic Bang & Olufsen products through decades of Beolink innovation.Whether enjoying a classic record on the Beogram 5500 turntable from 1986, now streamed wirelessly to the terrasse through the latest Beosound Level speaker or breathing new life into the iconic Beosound 9000 CD player by pairing it with the recently launched Beolab 28 speakers; the possibilities are endless.“Bang & Olufsen first invented multiroom 40 years ago and we’re pleased to announce our continuation of expertise in this field with our new software update that makes products launched decades apart work seamlessly together.

    Beolink Multiroom is built for the future and enables all our network enabled products to be seamlessly connected, played and controlled together across rooms. It also brings intuitive features that make starting a musical moment easy, such as One Touch to Music and Touch to Join. These features elevate your multi-room music experience and allow for greater control over your entire entertainment set-up which can grow with you over time”, says Christoffer Poulsen, SVP of Product Management & Brand Partnering at Bang & Olufsen.


    Bang & Olufsen’s long standing commitment to connectivity and compatibility has been a key differentiator since the early 1980’s when the company pioneeredmultiroom audio technology with the launch of Master Control Link. In 1986, Bang & Olufsen introduced Beolink Multiroom which provided compatibility throughout all generations of its products and is the only multiroom audio companywith 36 years of ensuring compatibility at system level.Now, Bang & Olufsen is celebrating 40 years of industry leading Multiroom by introducing Beolink Multiroom technology for its latest Audio Technology Platform in Beosound Balance, Beosound Level, Beosound Emerge and Beolab 28. This brings Beolink connectivity to its latest technology platform, bridging Bang & Olufsen’s longstanding heritage of connected products from 1986 and spanning different technologies and music formats including turntables, CD players, Mp3 media to the latest streaming media and music services. This showcases Bang & Olufsen’s commitment to securing future connectivity and supporting longevity. The update offers value to its customers by giving them the freedom to upgrade and expand their collections, with the ultimate goal of ensuring a lifetime of music.


    As simple as flicking a light switch, One Touch to Music allows listeners to quickly and easily start a musical moment without using a phone. Users can simply tap on a speaker or use the remote to start playing music from their preferred source, whether it be from a turntable, CD player or streaming service. The four favourite buttons offer simple tap to choose preferred music experiences which are easily tailored for the user during set up in the Bang & Olufsen app.


    Whether listening to the radio in the kitchen before heading into the living room or bedroom, Touch to Join allows the musical moment to follow the user wherever they go. By simply touching the speaker or joining via a remote, the music will start  playing in a new room without needing to do anything else. 


    Whether a customer wants to use the Beoremote One, Beoremote Halo or the Bang & Olufsen app, Beolink integration allows listeners to control all speakers and their entire home through their preferred choice of product.

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