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Chief Financial Officer

When it comes to looking after the financial aspects of the business, which in turn involves seeing clients’ accumulated wealth in property transactions properly managed until completion, Black Diamondz have the pleasure of having Duarte as both a financial controller and a senior commercial partner.

After graduating from the University of Technology Sydney with a degree in Bachelor of Business, Duarte became a registered tax agent and operated his accounting and taxation firm in the Sydney CBD. With a few clients as property developers and the benefit of a family background in property investment, Duarte committed to property development at the age of 30.

22 years of buying and developing properties has Duarte excited to play an important role at Black Diamondz, using his experience in accounting, taxation and property development to provide valuable input to the company and its clients.

Duarte has a natural propensity for customer service and a refined understanding of what type of property clients are looking for, even if the clients’ objectives are not fully developed.

To top it all off, Duarte is also a licensed builder of 8 years and is happy to be able to share more than just transactional advice.

Duarte humbly accepts that he cannot change the world for everybody. However, the right property can change somebody’s world for a great start.

The best investment on earth is earth.

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