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Award winning, record breaking, market leading Black Diamondz Property Concierge is undoubtedly Australia’s number one agency for high-end, luxury and prestige property sales.


As one of Sydney, Australia’s most highly regarded and aspirational real estate and lifestyle companies, Black Diamondz has been labelled as the agency that is redefining the Australian property landscape.  Specialising in high end and luxury residential property sales, Black Diamondz suite of integrated services are in the business of exceeding a clients expectation, both effortlessly and elegantly.


In addition to property sales, Black Diamondz facilitates the following:


-       Strategic LIFESTYLE Decisions:  Where, when and why to buy.

-       Strategic BUSINESS Decisions:  Investments, partnerships and alliances.

-       Strategic CHARITY and PHILANTHROPIC Endeavours:  Assisting new migrants towards becoming a valuable member of Australian Society.


Standing firmly at the forefront of the market allows Black Diamondz the ability to provide a bespoke and boutique service.  The company’s global presence combined with their local expertise ensures the ultimate and very best outcome for buyers and sellers alike.


The Black Diamondz team of results driven, experienced professionals is overseen by respected Director and Founder Monika Tu.  Monika is renowned as an accomplished facilitator for international buyers and investors, and the Black Diamondz corporation boasts strong affiliations and partnerships right across the globe, with a focus on China, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.


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