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The Black Diamondz name is synonymous with luxury living and the Black Diamondz brand reinforces buyer confidence.
As a marketing orientated business with a true international presence and reach, we have cultivated a dynamic, highly personalised approach to showcasing our properties. We do not merely rely on the standard marketing tools – instead we utilise a highly tailored combination of targeted, innovative local and global avenues.
PRESS: Black Diamondz is renowned for our unique listings and record breaking price points.  Because of our well earned reputation, our current listings are often featured in both local and international print editorial, and local and international prime time television coverage.  
INTERNATIONAL DATABASE: Our network of registered buyers from around the globe provides our most highly targeted, cost-effective marketing tool.
ONLINE PRESENCE: Feature your property on the Black Diamondz site along with Australia’s major real estate portals and relevant international real estate portals.
SOCIAL MEDIA: Our company is aggressive on a variety of social media platforms across the globe, including platforms with a huge presence in Asia. Our WeChat platform has a wide scope and dedicated following of high net worth individuals in Asia actively searching to invest in Australian real estate. 
PR AND EDITORIAL: Existing relationships with local real estate publications, including Western and Chinese media, both locally and abroad enable us to secure valuable editorial coverage worldwide.
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TOURS AND SEMINARS: We regularly conduct international roadshows to showcase our exclusive properties to influential and high net worth individuals. 
SPECIAL EVENTS: Black Diamondz often co-host seminars with banks and other major institutions with which we have strategic alliances.


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